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AW Therapeutic Steam Sauna Review

Rating: 4 (out of 5)

The AW Portable Blue Personal Therapeutic Steam Sauna is one of the most comprehensive home sauna kits available on the market today.

Not only does it comprise the steamer unit and tent, the manufacturers have also included a foot massager for a multi-faceted approach to full body therapy.

pink-aw-steam-saunaA further touch of class has been added to attempt to catapult this unit into the premium range with the inclusion of a remote control, an accessory which is rather rare in other home sauna kits available in the same price group.

The steamer unit itself is fully digital and includes a custom compartment for the addition of herbs and essential oils of your choice to the steam for the perfect sauna bath experience.

You can purchase this model in 3 different colors: Pink, Red and Silver.

A final touch is the chair that ships with the package.  Whereas it might be just a folding chair, this accessory is not included with most other models and personal kits and it is representative of the manufacturer’s attempts to create the full package for its clients.

Specifications Of The AW Unit

Sporting approximately the same dimensions as similar home sauna kits, the AW Portable Blue Personal Therapeutic Steam Sauna is 40 inches long, 34 inches wide, and 30 inches high when assembled with the plastic trestle provided.  It features a sloped front.

A high quality cotton cover goes over the trestle.  The front is fitted with a zippered opening on either side of the center that allows users to extend their hands outside while preventing steam from escaping.

This allows for convenient operation of the remote control and also allows the user to read while enjoying a sauna bath.

The included folding chair is 16 inches front to back, 18 inches wide, and 28 inches from bottom to top.

The steam pot has a capacity of 2 liters and boasts variable power from 100W to 1000W.  The integrated timer may be set for up to one hour in ten minute increments.  It will run exclusively on a 110V power supply.

The total weight of the steam unit, remote control, steam hose, tent cover, trestle, chair, and foot massager is just over 16 pounds, which allows most individuals to easily move it to suit their requirements even when fully assembled.

What Benefits Come With This Model?

all-parts-for-the-saunaFeaturing more accessories and add-on features than virtually every other similar home sauna kit of similar value available today, the AW Portable Blue Personal Therapeutic Steam Sauna is the one-stop body and skin care unit that outshines the competition for sheer range of attributes.

The benefits of steam from sauna baths has been known for millennia and studies today confirm what people in the past had already discovered through anecdotal evidence.

One of the oldest uses of steam for positive health benefits was as a decongestant.

To take advantage of steam’s effects to clear your airways and unblock your sinuses, simply lower your head into the tent cover and inhale.  The volume and temperature of the steam produced by the unit may be adjusted to the levels that you are most comfortable with.

The decongestant properties of steam may be further enhanced by the use of herbs and essential oils dissolved in the water that is steamed.  This model from AW has been designed with an integrated special compartment specifically for this purpose.

Each herb and essential oil has its own characteristic benefits and users may apply them individually or in combination for the effects that they desire.

Besides their healing effects internally, steam containing these herbs and oils also has a nourishing and beautifying effect on the outer layer of the skin, the epidermis.

The increased blood circulation on the surface triggered by the heat gives the skin a healthy glow.

Steam serves to open the pores through which the steam is absorbed while simultaneously allowing for sweat to escape.

The additional advantage of this is that sweat carries within it toxins and elements like mercury and lead and compounds like nicotine out of the body, purifying it in the process.

Physiotherapists and sport therapists prescribe steam baths for professional athletes because the heat has a rejuvenating effect on muscles and helps muscles recuperate from bouts of activity.

If your hectic work schedule has left you sore, envelop your body in the healing cocoon of this home steam sauna.

Use the included foot massager at the same time and reap the benefits of massage and steam therapy simultaneously.

Pros and Cons Of The AW Steam Sauna


  • The main and very self-evident advantage that this home steam sauna has over its rivals is that it offers an all-encompassing solution for the home user.
  • The convenience of a remote control is highly desirable when you are sitting in a tent full of steam that will dissipate if you are forced to open sections of the cover to manipulate the controls of the steam unit while it is in operation.
  • The inclusion of a foot massager is a brilliant touch that just might induce those sitting on the fence to indulge.
  • Another point in its favor is the integrated herb and aroma oil compartment.  Whereas other units compel users to manual dissolve them in the water, here, users here enjoy hassle-free convenience.


  • The main cause of complaints from customers has been that the trestle lacks finesse in design – complaints about assembly problems dominate the criticism.
  • Another element of this unit that has attracted condemnation is the zipper assembly, which users report strips and is damaged easily.
  • While including a chair initially seems like a positive, there is virtually universal agreement on the part of customers that it is too small to be used by anyone larger than average size.
  • Some users have mentioned that the entire unit gives off a smell of chemicals after it has been in contact with steam for some time.

Summary Of Our Review

steam-creator-for-saunasWhereas the AW Portable Blue Personal Therapeutic Steam Sauna offers one of the most expansive home sauna and beauty care packages available anywhere, it is plagued by complaints about the low quality of materials used and shoddy construction.

On the other hand, it is also one of the most affordable units on sale today, with units for sale for under $100 on Amazon which you can see by clicking below.

If you want a purchase that strikes a balance between quality and affordability, this is the home sauna unit for you.

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