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Zeny Portable Steam Sauna Review

Rating: 5 (out of 5)

There are a lot of words used in the full name of the Zeny Portable Steam Sauna and that is because it can do so much! It is referred to as both an “indoor folding detox sauna” and a “sauna steamer slimming full body detox machine”. 

zeny portable steam sauna in black with chairWhen you break it all down this model is going to get you all the benefits you would expect from a portable sauna; extreme portability and a healthy detoxifying sweat.  It may not look like a very high-tech piece of equipment but it will get the job done.

There really isn’t much to it in the way of major parts, other than the frame, chair, cover and steam generator.

The point here is to bring the potential of the sauna into the average home in a user-friendly way.  Let’s investigate further to see if this product really does live up to the lofty standards it sets for itself.

Specifications Of The Zeny Portable Steam Sauna

As portability is such a key selling point here, it is important to look at the structure of this model first.

When assembled the sauna measures in at 34x30x39 inches for a space-saving design.  The frame is incredibly basic but can be folded down for storage.

Covering this is the tent-like cover that consists of a waterproof material with no toxic elements.  It has vents on the side and an optional head cover.

Like the frame, the seat is fairly basic as it is a standard, folding canvas chair.  An additional feature of interest here is the wooden foot massager for users to rest their feet upon! Many portable saunas do not come with these add-ons and they make this sauna a good choice.

When it comes to the steam production things get a little more complicated.  There is a compact 800-1000w unit that heats up the water to the right temperature and feeds the steam via the hose into the tent.

This small system comes with the claim of being able to produce steam to a temperature of 58 degrees and comes with a remote control to make things easier for users.

Why Are All Of These Features So Beneficial to Users?

zeny sauna partsThe design of this at-home sauna has been carefully crafted to make life easier for buyers and this starts with the compact size and frame.

By adding this fold-up design Zeny has increased the portability of the item – their main selling point – but also the ability to pack up the system and store it away.  The frame is designed to fold down for easy storage and this is ideal for users living in small apartments or those that simply don’t want this product out on show the whole time.

A full-blown permanent wooden sauna may be the dream for many consumers, but they are not that practical in most homes.

The next benefit comes from the material used for the cover and the use of arm holes.  These choices partly add to the longevity of the product by providing waterproofing and ventilation, but it also adds to the comfort experienced by the user.

They give you the ability to be completely covered and immersed in the steam for a more intense experience, but there is also the option of having the arms and head out of the vented area.

This means that users can do other things while they let the steam get to work.  Sitting in this portable sauna is great for the body but not necessarily the mind (I know I get bored just sitting around), so it helps if users can read a book or play with a tablet at the same time.

Then, of course, there is the benefit provided by all that health-giving steam from the steamer.

The aim is to provide a similar effect like the more standard sauna units and spa treatments by providing numerous health benefits such as:

  • detoxifying the body
  • improving circulation
  • easing pain and fatigue in muscles and joints
  • burning calories
  • improving the appearance of the skin

This may seem like a lot to hope for but the temperature of the sauna is adequate to provide an experience that may be better than what one might expect from a portable sauna.

The inclusion of the wooden foot massager and remote control are nice elements to have included as well. When you compare models you’ll see many portable saunas don’t include as many accessories.

Pros And Cons Of The Zeny Portable Steam Sauna

There are many positive comments about the ease of use and the effects that can be felt with this at-home sauna.

Some say that there is a surprising amount of steam generated within this little structure and the intensity and temperature really made a difference.  All of the potential health benefits mentioned above can be seen to some degree, with some buyers talking about being fresh and toxin free, and there is a sense of rejuvenation from using it on a regular basis.

The simplicity of the shape and design means that it is pretty easy to assemble, but it is worth reading the instructions for the steamer a few times.

Most of the negative reviews of this model are based on the poor instructions that come with the product.

While the sauna is relatively easy, safe, and simple to use once you understand how everything is supposed to work, make sure you read and understand the instructions before proceeding or you could potentially hurt yourself.

Obviously saunas produce a lot of heat and improper use could lead to burns or other injuries.

The Final Verdict On This Zeny Portable Steam Sauna.

outside look at zeny saunaThere are downsides to choosing this system but a lot of the issues can be explained by that old shoppers’ mantra – you get what you pay for.  This sauna is one of the cheapest portable units on the market.

For its price tag you definitely get a lot of bang for your buck.  This is the at-home alternative version to the real thing and, as such, there are going to be limitations on what it can do and the quality of the parts.

Despite this, however, this compact, folding sauna provides a great compromise for home users with its generally user-friendly nature, considerate features, and the benefits on health and relaxation.

There may be a small learning curve, but it is worthwhile for the positive impact of those regular sessions.

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  1. Lin says:

    Where can I buy this and how much ?

    • Kevin says:

      Hi Lin! Thanks for commenting.

      You can purchase this model on! Great choice!

      Feel free to go here and see other options.

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