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Durherm Portable Home Steam Sauna Review

Rating: 4.5 (out of 5)

Portable Home Saunas have seen a surge in popularity of late as people discover that they can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a steam bath conveniently at home.

The extremely affordable Durherm Portable Personal Folding Home Steam Sauna is the perfect example of a space saving home sauna that delivers the benefits of a regular sauna at a fraction of the cost.durherm-portable-personal-folding-home-steam-saunaIt is an amazing amalgamation of sauna technology compressed into a lightweight, compact form that can be moved about easily without losing any of its essential functionality.

Consisting of a steam condenser with timer, a hose, and a tent large enough for one person which is placed over a PVC frame that requires some basic assembly, it will be ready for use within minutes.

After that, all you need is some water and a chair.  The unit is designed so that users will have both their hands and head free outside the tent and do not feel suffocated while retaining adequate control over their mobility.

Specifications Of The Durherm Steam Sauna

When fully assembled, the Durherm Portable Personal Folding Home Steam Sauna measures 43 inches in height, 33 inches wide, and 28 inches from front to back.  This is determined by the hollow PVC tubes that make up the supporting framework.

It does not come with a chair; users should select one according to their height that allows their head to poke through.

The gray tent is available in a choice of pink or blue highlights with holes for the head and both arms. All three of these holes may be closed by zippers, and the innovative feature here is that all the zippers may be conveniently operated from inside the tent.

The steam generator is an 800W unit that requires a 110 Volt power supply.  It comes together with a steam hose that allows the user to direct the direction of the steam towards or away from the body.

The steam produced emerges at a temperature of approximately 110-120 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees Celsius).

Users may add either hot or cold water to the condenser.

Cold water takes approximately fifteen minutes to heat up to produce steam.  Filling the condenser halfway will produce steam for about twenty minutes.

The condenser itself comes with a built in time limit of sixty minutes. You can reset this if you need more time.

Benefits Of Using The Durherm

At its very attractive price, users get a gadget that is every bit as effective as the more expensive models available on the market.

The water in the condenser may be enhanced by including essential oils or plant oils to achieve the skin or beauty results that you desire.

steam generatorSteam has long been regarded as nature’s decongestant and this home sauna makes it simple for anyone to reap the airway-clearing benefits of inhaling steam.  All users have to do is duck their head into the unit instead of leaving it outside the tent.

Using this home sauna might also aid individuals in developing a stronger immune system.

More white blood cells, which are the body’s soldiers in its fight against diseases, are produced at increased temperatures, giving the body naturally stronger defenses.

This sauna will also help the body to rid itself of toxins.  When you sweat, harmful elements such as mercury, lead, and nicotine leech out of your system.

The heat produced by the steam inside the tent is extremely beneficial for the skin as it induces the skin’s pores to open and also increases the circulation of blood at the epidermis, which in turn initiates accelerated cellular growth which gives the flesh a healthy glow.

The benefit of heated steam on body recovery is well documented and the Durherm Portable Personal Folding Home Steam Sauna will work to relieve the pain and aches of sore muscles from a hard day at work or a rigorous workout session.

Similarly, the tension in muscles caused by stress are also alleviated by the steam resulting in a healthier, lighter mind.

Many people are drawn to the concept of this home sauna due to the fact that it is a calorie-burning machine that requires no actual action on the part of the user.

The increased heat also spurs the body’s metabolic rate which is a crucial element of weight loss.  With the combined effects of relaxed muscles, less pain, better blood circulation, decongestion and relief from stress, the inevitable result is improved sleep.

Pros and Cons – What It Does Well And Not So Well


The most striking feature of the Durherm Portable Personal Folding Home Steam Sauna is its affordability – users find that they do not have to invest in a club membership or shell out entrance fees to reap the multitude of benefits of time spent in a sauna. Some other pro’s are:

  • At the currently advertised price of just over a hundred bucks, this amazing gadget will pay for itself in no time.
  • It is also extremely easy to set up, it requires mere minutes for assembly.
  • The entire unit when assembled weighs less than ten pounds. This home sauna is truly deserving of the Portable tag.
  • The design is also extremely simple and intuitive – all you need is to add water, essential oils if you so desire, and set the timer to use it.

Some users have reported that the construction is slight flimsy, particularly with regards to the PVC frame.

The main point of concern seems to be that the design of the Durherm Portable Personal Folding Home Steam Sauna could be better.

The steam hose is an angled plastic elbow that leads from the condenser to the inside of the tent.  Users have reported that they have received burns by coming into contact with the pipe when they moved as their head was outside of the tent and they could not locate the pipe!

Summary Of Our Durherm Review

a box containing the saunaThe problem with the poor design that might result in burns may be circumvented with the use of some simple measures like rearranging the unit in a way which makes contact with the steam pipe less likely.

The framework may be fragile, but it is in the interests of portability and reduced weight that the PVC pipes are made hollow.

Overall, the Durherm Portable Personal Folding Home Steam Sauna is an affordable product that delivers what it promises. Its performance is comparable to that of more expensive models on the market.

Coupled with its ease of assembly and simple operation, this is a gadget that has few negatives, and even those are easily overcome.

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