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BodySpa Portable Steam Sauna Review

Rating: 4 (out of 5)

Saunas are a relaxing way to start or end a day and can also aid in weight loss.  When you soak in a sauna you want to sweat. The more your body overheats the harder your heart pumps, and this aids in weight loss.

Neighborhood gyms often have saunas, but memberships are expensive, and you often don’t get a ton of alone time either.

For years, at-home saunas were overwhelmingly expensive.

With the Personal Steam Sauna SPA from BodySpa, you can enjoy an at-home sauna that allows you to soak whenever you want at an affordable price.

Chances are you may even lose a few pounds while you relax at home as well.

How the BodySpa Personal Sauna Works

bodyspa-personal-saunaIf you’ve ever spent time in a traditional sauna, you may be looking at the portable steam sauna with some doubts. By design, this sauna is different than regular units but offers many of the same benefits.

To use this product, you simply unzip the carrying case.  The sauna is created with a unique design that allows it to “pop open.” Once the sauna has popped open, you will find a small hose that connects to a heater filled with water.

When turned on, the heater warms the water and steam is created.  The timer on the heater can be increased to an hour, but it isn’t recommended that you start at an hour.  Most people opt to stay in the sauna for 20 to 30 minutes.

Personal Sauna Dimensions

The sauna is excellent for use in small locations. When opened, the sauna measures 40″ high, and is 25″ wide.

Best Features of the Portable Steam Sauna

  • No need to inflate
  • Just remove from carrying case, begin to unfold, and the sauna will spring into shape
  • Easy to handle, store, and set-up
  • Use on any surface; including carpet or wood floors
  • Take it anywhere you go
  • Metal spring structure
  • Carrying case included with purchase
  • Openings for hands and your head

When you purchase this personal therapeutic weight loss sauna, you will receive:

  • Metal spring structure enclosure
  • Carrying case with zipper
  • Tank to hold water
  • Free eucalyptus leaves

Portable Steam Sauna Pros

  • Easy to take anywhere
  • Ideal for small spaces like apartments
  • Personal space
  • Arm holes allow you to read a magazine or use the TV remote while soaking
  • Included eucalyptus leaves will help clear your lungs
  • Only takes about 10 minutes to heat up
  • Built in towel cloth around openings


  • 250 lb. weight limit
  • Steam may blow directly on feet and lower legs
  • Is not sold with a chair
  • Rubber tube is flimsy

Customer Reviews Of The BodySpa

Overall, people who have purchased the portable therapeutic weight loss sauna have been extremely happy with their purchase. The idea of being able to spend time in a sauna without having to wait in line or drive to the gym is ideal for many.

Not everyone can afford to give up space and pay for and build a traditional sauna in their home. Thankfully, this product doesn’t take up much space in your home or apartment and is very affordable as well.

One complaint customers have mentioned about the product is in regards to its tube. Some felt the tube was a bit flimsy, which made it difficult to get a good seal on the heater.

It’s important to note that only a small number of customers felt the tube was flimsy. Another customer mentioned the tube but added that the problem was easy to fix with a little PVC tape.

Another issue some customers had was that the location of the tube allows a great deal of steam to hit the feet and legs, which can be uncomfortable for some. One way to avoid this issue is to lay a towel near your feet, legs, or anywhere that gets uncomfortably hot.

One of the greatest compliments this sauna gets is focused on its portability, ease of use, and the small amount of space that is required to use this product.

Since the sauna uses very little space, some buyers have opted to just leave it in place for extended periods of time. Others simply let the sauna air dry after use and then zip it away.

When stored in its included carrying case, the sauna takes up very little storage space.

Is This The Sauna That Is Right For You?

steamer-for-bodyspaWhen you stumbled upon this review, you were probably wondering whether this portable steam sauna is right for you or if a different model would suit you better? There is more than one person who may want to purchase this sauna for use in their home.

The first is anyone looking to increase their weight loss through sweating. The portable sauna is designed to make you sweat, which could increase your weight loss when paired with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

The second type of person that would enjoy this product is anyone that has always wanted the convenience of a personal spa in their home but doesn’t have the cash to install a permanent fixture in their home.

Whether you leave the sauna popped up or fold it back down and store it in the bag, you will enjoy every minute you use this product in your home.


There are so many reasons to love this portable steam sauna.  It’s easy to use, affordable, stores easily and works to help your body sweat.

If this is what you are looking for, you won’t find anything better.  You may hear some customers mention that the sauna is hard to get back in the storage case or that the tube doesn’t fit in the heater and sauna firmly; however, there are simple fixes for both of these issues.

First, if you are struggling to get the sauna back in the storage case simply look up YouTube tutorials.  There are a few on the Internet that makes it simple to do.  Once you get the hang of it, you’ll never have a problem again.

As mentioned above, the issue with the tube can be altered if needed with a few strips of PVC tape.  So, grab a chair, unfold the sauna, turn it on, and enjoy a nice soak whenever you want.

If you think the BodySpa Steam Sauna is the best option for you, remember to check out the prices and other options on!

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