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Are Saunas Safe For Children?

Saunas began their origins many, many years ago. In fact evidence of their use date back as far as two thousand years.

The Finnish people are credited with the spread of the saunas to all regions of the world. While saunas are still an everyday part of Finnish life, they have also become a great health asset to people everywhere.

Family-in-a-saunaThe reason for this is, the sauna is now recognized for all it’s health and detoxifying benefits. From ridding the body of toxins to pain management, relaxation, and a host of other medical conditions that can be helped with the use of a sauna.

While we know saunas can be safely used by most adults, what about children? Children 8 years old and younger should never be allowed in the sauna alone.

The sauna can be a very beneficial experience for children. It can be good for their physical, as well as their mental health.

Most children 6 years and up can enjoy the sauna for a short periods of time. This should not exceed more than 10 to 15 minutes this amount of time is deemed safe, longer use is not advisable.

This recommend amount of time in due to the fact a child’s body cannot adjust to high temperatures as efficiently or as quickly as an adult.

When children first start to use the sauna an adult should supervise. Teaching children how to safely use a sauna will benefit them when they are able to use it alone.

By puberty your child will be able to regulate their body temperature. And then can safely stay in the sauna 20 to 30 minutes without a problem!

Although if at any time your child feels overheated, dizzy or nauseated they should exit the sauna. It would be a good idea to start with 10 minutes a day and build up over a week or two.

Children In The Steam Sauna

no-kids-in-saunasThe steam sauna can be used safely for children over the age of 8 years old. However adult supervision should be used and a time period of 10 to 15 minutes should be observed.

Because children cannot adjust their body temperature like an adult they should be watched to make sure they don’t overheat.

Also a safety issue with children is their immaturity, they may run around in the sauna or play games.

This can lead to overheating quite quickly, so should be stopped immediately.

Burns are a major source of concern with children. They may for example go to close to the heater or fall or may even get burnt by the bricks.

Children should also be taught to keep their bodies hydrated when using a sauna. So a glass of water before they enter the sauna and a glass afterwards is always a good idea. Other tips for staying hydrated can be found here.

Children should be watched at all times for signs of overheating. If the child complains of muscle cramps, dizziness or nausea they should be removed from the sauna immediately.

So with a little care and some adult supervision it is safe for children to use the sauna. And teaching them the rules, will make sure safety always comes first.

Children In The Infrared Sauna

So if you really want your child to join you in a sauna you may be better off purchasing an infrared sauna. These saunas are a newer technology, and safer for children.

The infrared sauna has a very different way of heating the body compared to a steam sauna. The infrared sauna uses infrared light, which heats the body much the same way as the sun.

The infrared saunas also run at a much lower temperature than the steam sauna. Therefore making it much more child friendly.

Because there is no heater, the infrared uses panels that do not get hot, there is nothing for a child to burn themselves on.

Your child should of course still be accompanied by an adult. And only stay in the sauna 10 to 15 minutes!

They should also be taught the safety rules, no playing, or running around. Make sure to keep hydrated before and after.

The child should still be watched for signs of overheating and removed immediately if this happens. Although the chances are a little less in an infrared than they are in a steam sauna.

Teaching your child how to be safe in a sauna will help them to enjoy the experience. It will also allow them to safely use a sauna in the best possible way for many years to come.

Children And Portable Saunas

Personal portable saunas are a relatively new concept available today. And are making home sauna use within reach for everyone, in the privacy of their home.

These devices are easy to use and can be stored away when not in use. Just think you can have all the benefits of a sauna whenever you wish.

The personal portable infrared saunas are built for one person. There are a wide range of these saunas to choose from.

Unfortunately they are adult size so your child would not be able to use it until they reach a certain height. And may need a taller stool.

Certainly by puberty your child will be able to take his or her own sauna session in the portable sauna. Not only can this be an enjoyable experience but is good for living a healthier lifestyle.

While ridding your teen or preteens body of harmful toxins, the infrared sauna can also help to improve their complexion.

Relaxing in a sauna may be just what your teen or preteen needs at the end of their day. It can be a great asset in eliminating stress and anxiety that they often suffer with.

So if you have purchased a portable personal infrared sauna, not only will you gain numerous health benefits but so can your teen or preteen.

With safety being the number one priority and passing that information on to all your family. You will ensure that everyone gains all the benefits a sauna has to offer.

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