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Welcome To Sauna Revolution

Welcome to Sauna Revolution. Here you will find professional reviews, opinions and knowledge on various portable saunas.

I made this website for one purpose:

Helping YOU.

Purchasing one of these units for yourself is much like buying anything else. It requires an investment. And the biggest investment of all is your time.

I understand your time is important. I know you are looking for a relatively quick and easy way to do two things:

First, find out if a personal home sauna is right for you and your health goals.

Second, to find the sauna that will help you reach your goals.

Well, here’s the deal:

You came to the right place. Sauna Revolution will help you do both of those, and with a minimal time investment.

How can I do that?

Simple. I broke Sauna Revolution down into a few streamlined components.

Depending on where you are in your search for the perfect portable sauna, you will easily find what you need while skipping the information you either already know, or don’t care about.

At Sauna Revolution you will find reviews of each of the top 5 portable infrared saunas available at Amazon, as well as the top 5 portable steam saunas. You can find all the reviews in the menu’s either on the right hand sidebar, or if you’re on your mobile device the reviews will be at the bottom of this page.

These reviews link directly to the product on Amazon, saving you the hassle of searching for it.

If you are unsure which variety you need or want, then our in-depth articles (links to the articles are in the sidebar or footer as well) will reveal all you need to know about the differences between steam and far infrared.

Not sure if you even need or want a home sauna?

Then read about the health benefits here. I KNOW you will find out some things you just didn’t know about before (and some stuff you probably don’t want to know).

I wrote a lot of articles that will help guide you to your final choice. It’s up to you how you utilize the information, however if you want to reach your health goals, then you must take action!

I suggest you start by reading my guide on the Top Rated Portable Saunas Available Today.

if you decide you want something a little less bulky, then perhaps a Sauna Blanket is what you are looking for. We have rated numerous of them right here!

Whether you decide to purchase a sauna or not, thanks for visiting Sauna Revolution.

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